Building a Business for Novices – Part II

I began the blog on “Building a Business for Novices” with the comparison to building a house.  “By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.”  In particular, I talked about laying a foundation for the business which included faith, uniqueness and a business plan.  Today I would like to talk about growing the business from the foundation up.

When your foundation is set, then you can begin to build the business with confidence.  There are still risks upon the way.  Growth requires time, money and energy.  You must be committed to the process.

So, to “frame” this growth you would need to have those structures in place that currently fund the business… from clients/customers to employees and vendors.  If you have a system in place that is running the business you currently have, then you can begin to take measured steps and some risk to move beyond the current level of business.  The business is built with the current systems and structures in place, but with the flexibility to adapt as needed with additional business.

Questions to ask at this time:  What are your goals in terms of revenues, clientele and employees?  How fast do you want to get there?  How do you need to adjust your current marketing plan?  What time and money costs are to be anticipated?  Do you need to consider any expansion loans/additional capital outlay?

Again, your foundation must be set, and also able to handle anticipated growth.  Yet, you also must be committed to the process and the unforeseen obstacles/opportunities that will come along the way.  Keys to know at this venture:  Know what you want and discover the process by which to achieve it and pursue wholeheartedly for success!

Josh Neimark